no-bake protein bars

The base ingredients are: 
4.5 cups of uncooked oatmeal [500g ]
12oz of peanut butter [a small jar]
14oz of coconut milk [400ml or one can]
4 scoops of whey vanilla protein powder [200cc or 100g]

Combine the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. 
Put some foil or baking paper in, transfer the dough in flattening it nicely. 
Place the dish into the fridge and keep it there minimum 4-5 hours or overnight. 

Cut it into 16 bars or cut pieces off as you need them and as much as you need all week long. 
Keep it cool at all times, since it’s a no-bake it will eventually soften up… 
hopefully not inside your pocket ! 
If you take it with you to work I suggest you put it in the fridge there before it melts although this particular recipe is pretty consistent. 

~ 300 calories each
15g of protein per bar

I personally have them instead of breakfast and it's my favourite snack on a busy day. 
One bar will keep you going for a really long time unlike lets say a bowl of oatmeal or a peanut butter sandwich. 
It tastes like a treat but it gives you enough energy to go about your day and then have a pretty tough training session. 

If you have reservations about protein powders (they are supplements after all) try making these without it adding less coconut milk. 

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